Complete air conditioning
maintenance in Sydney

Keeping your clients, employees, and customers cool during the warmer months is the key to good business.

It would be hard to maintain staff or customers if they are uncomfortable, so you need to call Ascot Air Services. Servicing small retail businesses, large organisations and a range of other clients in Sydney we can provide customised maintenance for your air conditioning system.

Customised service

Offering a range of maintenance services for your air conditioning system we can personalise a service specifically for you. Taking the time to look at the issue we will walk you through the available options. We are able to service/repair your building chillers and/or cooling tower. Fully licenced to carry out work on your cooling towers (NR34 Certification) or upgrading your electrical switchboard. Licenced to handle all refrigerant gasses and a member of ARCTICK. We have a number of contractors that can also supply additional services such as duct work installations or pump/motor rebuilds.

Years of experience

Working in the industry for years we have the hands-on expertise when it comes to air conditioning maintenance, no matter the size of the issue. We want your system to be running as it should all year-round and can lend our experience to help you throughout Sydney. Our services are reliable, efficient and affordable.

Advice and support

In addition to our range of maintenance services we can also offer our expertise in the form of ongoing advice and support to our clients in Sydney. Whether you need simple maintenance or basic information we can advise you before taking any action.